A downloadable game for Android

The king is gone. In accordance with the ways of the candy people, his children must now battle for the throne. Will YOU be the Candy King?

Also available on Google Play for automatic update goodness!

A local multiplayer game for Android devices. Requires one device per player plus one central "table" device. Snag as many candies as possible within the allowed time to be crowned CANDY KING!

No iOS version (yet), sorry!

Known issues:

  • Throwing candies from your device to other players is disabled for now because it's really buggy
  • Players losing connections to the server isn't handled very well

Todo list:

  • Add display showing candy scores pre-game
  • Add more candy types
  • Add music and sound effects
  • Add a second SECRET CANDIES game mode
  • More bowl textures


candyking.apk 8 MB

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